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Soapless Facial Cleansers – The Gentle Approach To Clean And Healthy Skin

We all know that a good bath with basic soap and water routine is what we need to keep our bodies clean. The question is should we use the same soap to clean our face as well. What works well for the body may not necessarily work on the face. Facial skin is much more delicate and sensitive than the skin on the body and therefore needs to be handled with more care. So choosing a cleanser for the face becomes that much more important. Soapless facial cleansers being milder are ideal for the face.

More about the cleansers

A normal soap-bar contains a higher alkaline pH which is fine for the body but not for the face. A face cleanser needs to have the correct pH measure in order to sustain the facial skin of its natural moisture and oil while removing the dirt and grime from the skin surface.

Some dermatologists think that soap for the face is a complete “no-no.” Women of some regions of India have naturally wonderful skins and soap as a facial cleanser does not figure in their beauty secrets.

The soapless wonders for the face can be either homemade or bought over the counter.

The market is flooded with an array of facial cleansers. You have to find out which one suits your skin type and then stick to it. Soap free facial cleansers usually contain one or more of the following ingredients like licorice, glycerin, tea-tree oil, chamomile and milk protein extracts.

If you stick to homemade soap free facial cleansers then you could opt for almond oil or raw milk mixed with turmeric powder (natural antiseptic). Gram flour mixed with a little milk and applied on the face cleanses and exfoliates the skin gently. These cleansers have worked for many a woman who never had access to fancy bottled facial cleansers.

If your skin is prone to allergy then you should look out for cleansers, which are marked “hypoallergenic.” These facial cleansers are specially formulated for hypersensitive skins. Always read the markings on the packaging to see the formulation of the product.

The hallmark of a good facial cleanser, which is also soap-free, is cleansing the skin of dirt, grime, make-up without stripping the skin of its natural oil and moisture. The skin should feel clean and glow with a natural radiance.

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