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Do Pore Cleansers Work – The War Between Pore Cleansers And Acne

A skin or a pore cleanser can be defined as a bottle of strong smelling liquid, which is also referred to as the astringent. An astringent removes all the unwanted dirt and oil from your skin and thus helps to unclog the pores. The big question that arises now is “Do pore cleansers work?” Actually blocked pores are one of the biggest contributors to acne and since cleansers clean those pores, they definitely reduce the probability of acne breakout. So, pore cleansers can give you a glowing, spotless skin.

How To Use Cleansers?

If you see black dots on your face, do not panic. They are not moles or freckles but they are blocked pores or black heads. First, wash your face with lukewarm water. Then take a cotton ball, pour cleanser on it and wipe it all over your face. The acne astringent will unclog the blocked pores and thus keep the dirt from collecting and forming pimples, acne, etc.

A proper balance of tone cleansing and nightly moisturizing can also resist acne breakout. Its advisable to exfoliate first and then apply cleansers as the former removes dirt from deep pores and the later cleans the surface of the pores. Follow this regime regularly complemented by a DHT reducing product to reduce skin oils.

To enhance the effectiveness of cleaning, you can purchase two to three products and alternate between them. This will prevent the development of resistance to any specific medication.

The Various Non Surgical Acne Curing Options

Cleansers, the most widely used remedy for acne, are mostly over the counter medications, which contain Benzoyl peroxide, or salicylic acid or both. Most of the pore cleansers contain alcohol whereas some contain natural oils like Tea tree oil. Alcohol based astringents dry up the pimples and are hence good for acne cure. Clean your skin regularly to remove the dead cells because clear skin is the biggest enemy of acne.

Acne products come in several forms like cream, lotions or gels. Forever, free cleansers can remove blackheads, whiteheads or excessive oils without injuring the skin. This battery-operated device is waterproof and entails detachable suction heads.

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