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Acne Treatments - Almost A Miracle

Acne treatments are a time consuming affair so you need to be patient and control your urges to abandon it midway

Treatments For Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin as such is quite problematic - prone to developing blotches, irritations and painful reactions on being exposed to various cosmetic, skin-care and toiletry products. The condition becomes all the more troublesome with the outbreak of acne on sensitive skin. The best acne treatments for sensitive skin are to be combination treatments - removing excess oil and unclogging pores, yet maintaining the oil-water balance.

Sensitive Skin Acne Demolition Squad

The expression 'demolition squad' might seem out of the place in the present context. However, given the ample number of effective skin care products for treating acne affecting sensitive skin, it is quite relevant.

A group of such effective skin care products which act exceptionally well on acne vulgaris are soap free cleansers. Some of these cleansers are based on 12% and yet others on 15% glycolic compounds.

Each cleanser, 12% to 15% glycolic compound, is essentially mild (with a pH around 4.4) and perfect for a sensitive skin. The light liquid oil-free formula of the cleanser keeps the skin hydrated yet allows the skin to breathe.

There is another group namely the non-glycolic facial cleanser group. These cleansers perform superbly on sensitive rosacea affected skin.

With their acid-free formulation and pH of around 5.5, these cleansers leave the facial skin super-soft. Non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic, these products can be used without a dermatologist's prescription.

Yet, another group of skin care products is the Exuviance line of acne treatments for sensitive skin. Based on their patented gel-facial cleanser Polyhydroxy Acids (PHA) and gluconolactone formula, the product line comprises two soap free cleansers - one in the gel form and the other crème. Both the products have been tested and have been found to deep cleanse the skin without stripping the skin of its essential lipids.

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